Teaser for the documentary “Lust & Loving in Later Life”

This is a different kind of post for me. I usually just post sexy and dirty porn, but a friend in Toronto has asked for a favour.

This is a “teaser” for a documentary that he is working on about sexuality in later years. Its an interesting idea and the video is well made. It might be worth supporting.

Also, if you know any “seniors” who would be interested in telling their stories, they are still actively looking for people to participate.

Give it a look and pass it around to anybody that you think may be interested.

Yes, thats the way. Open it gently like a rose petal until till it gets nice and wet. Then we’ll jam something big and hard in it to make her cum.

I love the way she bobs her head back and forth. Also  her legs spread and no panties. Very dirty. 

The bride showing off on her wedding night

Wasn’t it nice of her to get all dolled up and  do her make-up before the facial.

This woman is beautiful all around but those hard big nipples on those tiny tits are special.

I guess this is a “photo spread”.

Just keep sucking and jerking baby and you’ll get your reward

Thank you for sharing this selfie of your beautiful pussy with the whole world, whoever you are.

pleasuring herself with a dildo in the ass in the sauna

Enjoying the cream filling. 

Waiting to serve her master

Oh yes it does make you look so pretty. Not only on your face but on your sweet little nipples too.

Ladies take note; this is the perfect position when sucking cock. Squatting with those legs spread wide and the other hand on your pussy lets him know that you are really enjoying yourself.

Elegantly taking a cock in her ass