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I think my tits look really nice in this. He’s working on using the focus. It’s okay. Maybe in another weekend, we’ll have another photo session. Keep in touch~

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This photo may not be very interesting but the story behind it is.

When I started this blog almost two years ago one of my first followers was a young woman who loved sucking cock. All the images she posted were of women sucking one or more cocks and even glory hole pictures. It was a secret blog for her and she said that not even her boyfriend knew about it.

After about a month she asked if there was anybody in Toronto so I replied that I was. She said that there would be a rock concert at a suburban local which she was going to with some friends, but not her boyfriend, and wanted tumblr followers to show up so she would blow them in the bathroom. I thought “my, isn’t tumblr special” I had only been on here a few weeks and had barely 100 followers but here I was being offered a blow-job. Unfortunately that weekend I had to attend an film festival in Calgary were one of my documentaries was being.

When I got back a few days later she had posted this photo from her phone with her sucking some random guys cock in the washroom at the place where the concert was. I thought “oh well, maybe next time”. She deactivated her tumblr blog one week later and disappeared.

Since then I have made friends, female and male, all over the world but very few in Toronto and then only males. I guess that was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I am not giving anymore info about her, and really it would be impossible to recognize her from this photo. I never met her and I don’t even know her real name. I thought it was an interesting tumblr moment.

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Thank you. I really enjoyed your blog and archive also.


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Thank you very much. I like your blog too. And more than that I love compliments. Please keep them coming folks.


I thought you might enjoy this photo of Carolyn Jones before the Addams Family TV series. I think she’s hot as hell and although we don’t know, I can imagine her to have been a she-devil in private. If you are thinking of Anjelica Houston from the movie, there are some hot photos of her when she was a young fashion model that I can send. I hope you and your dom enjoy this.

——- Oh! This is awesome! She was always such a pretty woman!

I submitted this to xxxmorticia-addamsxxx because I always thought that Carolyn Jones was beautiful and elegant. To be honest, I think the short hair looks even better on her.

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