Drawing by Milo Manara

Drawing by Milo Manara

There has recently been a lot of controversy and shock over this cover drawing by Milo Manara for Marvel’s Spiderwoman. Get over it people. Have you never seen his drawings before. I have posted plenty. You are free to see more in my blog tagged ‘milo manara”.

Drawing by Milo Manara

Test drawing for Kamasutra by Milo Manara

Drawing by Milo Manara

Pandora by Milo Manara

The inspiration photograph by Wingate Paine

The drawing by Milo Manara


I am re-blogging some of my early posts that, in my mind, didnt get enough attention. 


Milo Manara drawing from Click 2.

Elegant & Dirty & Classy & Nasty.

This came extremely close to happening on a 5th floor balcony in Italy about 15 years ago. She was a redhead but the same body type. We were inspired by the comic.

In the end she got scared so we just had anal sex. I was fully dressed and she just had her heels on.

This is hot. I love her classic black high heel pumps.

Photography by Simon Bolz

Vintage Victorian boudoir. Very sexy.

Little magical moments always occur at midnight in Paris

Photography by Jan Abelanet

Something naughty this way comes.

Elegant pearls and a lovely mouth

The beautiful body of Kate Lambert from Steamgirl.com